Monday, January 17, 2011

Fos the miracle dog.

Fos the miracle dog.

We had a incident on the property the other day, were Fos was caught in a snare.
This is the second time that it has happened. The first time he was up in the hills and he was able to bark as the snare had caught him around his midriff. He had been in the snare for about two hours before we rescued him. He was then bitten by a snake, his sister died in the same incident, and it was only through the vet and anti snake bite serum that he miraculously recovered. Unfortunately we found his sister too late.
This day, as was the day of the previous crisis's, was quite normal. I was cutting grass with the brush-cutter. Expecting no dramas.

What happen next was what one would normally see on the Discovery Channel on Animal Miracles. Desi who is only just becoming bush wise and is a little worried around the machine when I am cutting the grass, started to get in my way. She seemed to be trying to stop me and, even with all my choice expletives, she kept on hindering me . This went on for about an hour when I decided to break for lunch.

On returning to the house I just assumed that Fos had returned earlier as they sometimes do and in passing said “is Fos here?” We looked around for him and could not find him. I suddenly registered the reason for Desi's behaviour and realised he was still in the bush. Tam, Desi and I went to look for him.

Desi went runing into the bush, whereas she is normally a lot more cautious. Tam and I were discussing going to look down at the stream as we had no idea where to start. However, Desi was heading in a different direction and kept looking back to make sure that we were following.

We decided to follow her.

She led us into a thicket off the track and gave a big woof. Then we peered through the thicket and saw Fos lying very still, the snare had tightened round his neck so that he couldn't bark. We thought he was dead at first but when we saw his tail wag, we all rushed forward with great jubilation.

Fortunately the snare was made of steel cable so when he stopped struggling the knot released and he was able to breath but he must have been caught for well over an hour.

As you can see, if Desi hadn't have led us to Fos we would have never have found him. Desi certainly raised her status in the pack and has become a fully fledged member. The affinity between the two has increased and whenever we go on our walkabouts Desi is always keeping an eye out for Fos. He still disappears into the bush as he is a curios little fellow but we always make sure of where he is. Desi, although she goes with him, tends to like to stay with us and watch.
The photos were re-enacted. Tam even put her CSI shirt on but the event was real. Where is one's camera when you want it?

Here is the snare that caught Fos. I also found the culprit who had put it there. He sincerely apologised, as he is fond of Fos, and said he would never do it again. Maybe.