Sunday, June 6, 2010

Londolozi clinic

Every 6 weeks or so, Briony runs a clinic for the staff of Londolozi, a private game reserve on the edge of the Kruger National Park. As a perk, we are able to experience the delights of the game park. Here is the entrance to Londolozi.

This is Briony walking to her clinic in the camp village.

Here is part of the village and the residents going about their day.

Briony getting ready for her patients.

This is a couple of monkeys that wandered into the village crèche playground the children had been there earlier and these monkeys realizing it was lunch time came in for a forage and were looking in the dustbins and surrounds to find some discarded treats.

After the clinic we went to the main camp.

Briony gave a tree a hug which was in the main dining area.

Londolzi game drive

Here Briony is relaxing at the chalet we were staying at with our own plunge pool.

After a bit of a rest we went to have a bite to eat in the main dining hall with the sand river in the back ground.

After our meal we went on a game tour. In the back ground is a bull elephant that was in musk and one could smell it from a distance. On our way back in the evening after seeing the lions we came upon him in the dark which gave us all a start as he was only about 30 feet from us so we all froze as he lumbered by.

Mike the ranger and his tracker Freddy left us in the vehicle as they went to look for lion which they knew was in the vicinity much to our apprehension.

A Kudu stood nearby I hope guarding us as I am sure he was aware of the lion in the vicinity.

Here is one of the lions they had found.

Another group came to observe the pack. It made me chuckle as I remember when in England we went through the Longleat game park to see the animals there when we drove through the lion enclosure I opened my window to take a picture of a lion about 30 yards away when a warden bellowed in her megaphone for me to close my window.

As the sun set we had a lovely view of the sky.

We stopped at a spot that was reasonably safe and the ranger gave us a sundowner.

The night sky closed in.

We returned to the pride that we had previously seen it was completely dark by then they used infra red lights to illuminate the pride.

After our enjoyable afternoon we settled down to a lovely meal.

The next morning early, we went on another viewing and came across this male lion which was looking for the main pride. It walked past a few yards from Briony which was a bit daunting.

He wandered on past a herd of Impala which you can see are looking a little concerned hoping that he was not to hungry.