Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Veggie update

I have decided to up date on the veggie garden I don't know why I have put this one first as this is a transplanted egg fruit in the middle of my butternut and is looking a little worse for wear. Maybe I didn't want to jiggle the page around.

These are tomato plants that reseeded themselves from a discarded tomato and were the first victims of the monkeys as you can see they have recovered nicely.

Here are my planted tomatoes grown from seed as you can see they are starting to flower. There are carrots and lettuce further down the line. And Egg fruit in the pot. I think I will make another bed and replant them as they are too close together.

Here is a view of my spray unit in operation. The chap in the back ground in the arch is another visitor on standby for when the fruit-trees start to fruit. He had a friend that has gone to my neighbour and is guarding her veggie patch. I was going to do a blog on the other two but thought that one would think I had nothing better to do than make scarecrows and one would be right.

He insisted on being put on the blog. Note the warning sign .

A side view of my latest bed which has onion in the one end and green peppers in the middle ( they are taking time to germinate hope I haven't got dud seed) and the beans at the other end. I think this bed is too in the shade as the plants are leaning towards the sunlight, although it is very bright.

Another view of the same bed with the original scarecrow still doing his job. One can see the beans better.

A couple more overviews.

Marta who works on the property has planted some pumpkins at the back of her room. They are looking a little bit wilted as it is an exceptionally hot day 35C. I put some water on and they all perked up.

Marta in action as she ties the tomato plants to the stakes.

I thought I would throw in the Lemon tree which gives fantastic lemons. We don't buy fruit juice as Tam makes lemon juice every second day and is very thirst quenching. She has also started making bread which is very tasty.

He also told me to put his friend in that went to the neighbour. You can see my neighbour in white in the background doing her garden and her dog Timor posing for the camera as well and making sure that I won't harass his new friend.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fire Season

We have been in the fire season since the 1st of June it ends on the 31st of October. This winter we have had no rain for about two months and it has become very dry. During the day the fires are the most dangerous as they come with a hot dry wind and move through the velt quickly and are difficult to contain.

At night although still dangerous look far more daunting with the glow in the sky. One is never sure whether they are near or far. They start with a glow. Then become brighter.

When one sees the flames you realise how close it is and hope that it doesn't come sweeping though the property.

The fire then flares up into a crescendo and moves rapidly on devouring everything in its path.

Fortunately we live in a small valley and the wind funnels up it and steers the fire away.
These pictures were taken on the ridge above our property on the next door property. It virtually burnt along our boundary. By the morning it had burnt itself out.