Monday, July 5, 2010

I have been wondering on what I could blog. When I started looking through some old photos and I began to realize how old I am or rather how much life I have experienced.

I was born in 1948 in Africa in a country then called Southern Rhodesia. I feel it was a good year as it was a time were the world had just gone through a traumatic period and everything was beginning to settle down into a new era.

The atomic bomb had just been created and ships were the main form of travel to the four corners of the world. Space travel was still Science fiction. I remember even in the sixties people saying that it was impossible to send a rocket to the moon. How sci-fi our lives are now.
I remember when I was two or three quite vividly, where tree stumps were the same size as me and beds, furniture and windows were so big and high.
My parents had come to this new land and had obtained a virgin farm for development, miles from any civilization.

This was our kitchen and lounge. I can’t remember what happened when it rained. It must have been fun.

The rondavel was our bedroom, there were two rondavels and between was the bathroom with corrugated sheets as walls that was also open to the elements. Unfortunately I have no photos, although I know we did have at one stage. We had boxes and boxes of photos from this era all taken with the old box camera, they have disappeared over the years. My mother is holding a snake which had been killed unfortunately one cannot see it in the picture. Actually with pictures I realized that the photos are of least interest in the time period they are taken but years down the line they become very interesting. I often wonder how long these digitals pictures we have will last in comparison with the old paper photos.

Here is a good pioneering photo. This trailer was most probably my father’s pride and joy to get the crops in and yes it was drawn by oxen, the tractor came a little later.

Here is a photo of my sister and I going for a walk in the bush with my mother and grandmother. Love the dungerees.
Well there is a little insight of my early years.


  1. Great photos - waiting for the next post!!

  2. Loved the photo's & reading about this part of your 'roots' and history - would also love to see another post with more photos sometime - fascinating !

  3. Thanks for your comments. Kope to get some more early photos from Madeleine.