Monday, October 4, 2010

Fire Season

We have been in the fire season since the 1st of June it ends on the 31st of October. This winter we have had no rain for about two months and it has become very dry. During the day the fires are the most dangerous as they come with a hot dry wind and move through the velt quickly and are difficult to contain.

At night although still dangerous look far more daunting with the glow in the sky. One is never sure whether they are near or far. They start with a glow. Then become brighter.

When one sees the flames you realise how close it is and hope that it doesn't come sweeping though the property.

The fire then flares up into a crescendo and moves rapidly on devouring everything in its path.

Fortunately we live in a small valley and the wind funnels up it and steers the fire away.
These pictures were taken on the ridge above our property on the next door property. It virtually burnt along our boundary. By the morning it had burnt itself out.


  1. We have similar fire conditions here in the high desert mountains of California. I've never had a close call like that. Still, fire is the one thing here that frightens me, not the wild critters or dark nights. I'm glad you guys are OK.

  2. Wow! The fire looks so hot and intense. So glad it doesn't seem to burn like that where you live.

  3. Fires are frightening especially when they are out of control. You guys in Calfornia had a bad run not to long ago if I remember correctly. I used to be in forestry when I was younger had many a hairy moment with fires.

    The fires get exceptionally hot.

  4. It looks terrifying...

  5. It must be scary! not to mention worrying. I wish I could send you some water. We are in the rainy season in Guatemala since middle May, and according to the forecast, it will end in ealy November! Way too much for us (plenty of damage around), yet so longed for elsewhere.
    I hope the fires don't cause any damage on your property!! Take care.

  6. Very scary, and makes one realise just how powerful mother nature can be. Love your photo's !