Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Pictures

Here is a chicken wondering what I am doing. I tried to make it smile but I think she had food on her mind.

Mother chicken followed by another chicken with Fos on guard.

One of our secretive Duikers who is very elusive and it is a treat to see them appear every now and again.

A Natal Robin looking for some grubs. We have plenty of bird life here but don't have a decent enough camera for long shots.

A baboon surveying his domain on the rock behind the house.

A flooded Crocodile river. Which is just down the road from us.

A rainbow after a rain shower. I am still looking for the pot of gold as some of the rainbows end at the bottom of the garden. It is rumoured that Paul Kruger in the time of the Boer War buried gold in our vicinity.

A stormy sky which often means we end up with no electricity for a while with all the lightening bolts that ensue.

A couple of fledglings which you will be pleased to know reached maturity and flew the nest.

A couple of homo sapiens having a siesta on the stoep. The one on the right looks a bit suspect.
Well there is a peek into my life.


  1. How privileged to be able to see duikers!
    Chris, I hope you won't think this a terrible cheek - I hope you'll tell me if you do - but I thought the rainbow picture had the potential to be stunning if brightened up with Picasa (a free Google product). I've put it on Flickr so you can see, click on, saying it's yours, of course.
    I've done nothing except clicked on 'contrast' in Picasa, then sharpened it ever so slightly. Even if you don't have a zoom lens, as you say, you still take stunning pictures!
    (And apologies once again if this offends you - I'm a very keen photographer and couldn't resist.)

  2. Thanks for the info on enhancing the picture.It looks good. I admire your ability to navigate around the computer.I see all these wonderful web pages and have no idea on how to recreate them so all tips welcome. About being offended I very seldom am. I am a great believer on saying what you feel.

  3. Phew, relief!
    I'm not that much of a navigator - Picasa is very easy to work. Try it some time when you feel more at ease with the medium...