Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Member

We now have a new member of the family. We always feel that an animal chooses us, not the other way round.
We came back from town one day and she was on an exploring trip of our property. Tam opened the door of the car and in she jumped, waggling her tail. We took her up to the house where she had great fun investigating her surrounds. We had seen her on our neighbours’ property and knew she must belong to them so sadly I had to take her back. The neighbour was pleased to see her as she did not know where she had gone. The lady was a bit concerned as being elderly she did not have the energy to keep her in check. She had got her from the SPCA after her dog had been killed by a snake, not long after losing ours and her liveliness and abundant energy was exhausting her. When I told her that we also had been thinking of getting another dog , she agreed that we could take this one much to our delight. Her name was Zippy as she had a zip mark where she had been spayed. Tam thought that Desi would be a more appropriate name, it was short for destiny. Although I don’t know why people give animals a name if I had my way all dogs should be called Dog, as I have found if you call any dog “Dog” they respond far more rapidly than Samantha, Lassie, Butch or any other peculiar name humans call them. But that is just my opinion.
Well here is Desi. We’ve come to the conclusion that she is a Labrador cross Great Dane. She’s extremely tall and gangly and often trips up on her own feet.

Here she is sitting with her new family.

It was amazing the first day that she was with us she settled in. We had been a little anxious that we would be running around trying to quell her boundless energy but it was the complete opposite. She even took to the chickens and was so obedient. It was as if she had always been here.
Here she is meeting the chickens. She is a little bit confused as I don’t think she has ever seen a dog with feathers that makes funny noises.

With our new addition Tam thought that we should erect the headstone of our Bella who had died from a snake bite. Here she is making the foundation.

Another action photo of her mixing the cement

And the final result.

Fossie saying his final farewell to his kindred spirit, they had shared so much together in the short time they had known each other.

Going for an early morning walk along one of the bush tracks that I have opened up on the property. Desi is finding all the strange sounds and sights fascinating. She has become good friends with Foss and the family.


  1. Welcome, Desi - she is lucky to have found such a wonderful family in you ! (When I first saw her, I thought she looked like she had some greyhound in her ?) She is gorgeous. Tam, I am very impressed with your cement mixing skills ;) the headstone looks lovely ...

  2. Yes,we are thrilled with her. Tam took the dogs for an early morning walk this morning down to our stream and while she was following Fos across the rocks she made a slight misjudgement and fell in. She is definitely not bush wise.

  3. Hi Chris. I popped over here to your blog from Lynda. I must thank you for encouraging Lynda to start her blog all those ages ago which, in turn, motivated me to start blogging too. So: "pleased to meet you, Chris" I read, with sadness of Bella's passing and Foster's near brush with death. They're all blessed to have a part in your animal-loving family. I'm following your blog and will be over often to read about your life and memories in Mpumulanga. Regards Jo (North Africa)

  4. Wonderful memories of Rhodesia. I was listening to Wrex Tarr the other day (remember him?) and had one of the best laughs I have had for a long time. If you have not heard him for a while go to
    All the best with your blog.

    I follow Lynda regularly. Diane

  5. Hi Chris,

    I found my way over from Lynda's blog. My first thoughts were that Desi may have some Rhodesian Ridgeback in her. It looks like she is settling in very well.

    I'm sorry that you lost Bella to snakebite. The headstone is a lovely remembrance and tribute. Sadly, my sister's dog died from a red-belly black snakebite a couple of months ago. It was a horrible end for the little Pomeranian cross....she was much loved by us all.

  6. Hello there! greetings from Guatemala in Central America, coming over through Lynda's blog :-)
    Bless your hearts for taking in such a wonderful dog! I am a dog person, and love animals in general, and can't help but be touched by those with generous hearts towards this amazing creatures. Desi is a good name. We do tend to name dogs and cats for some reason, and in my case, our parrots too! :-) I'm sorry about Bella. Is this a common cause of deaths to animals in your area?
    Have a great day!

  7. I followed a link your sis in law put up. I will check back. Looks like a great blog and I enjoyed reading a little here. The dog look great and how fun to have a new visitor show up. I will enjoy seeing your walks too.

  8. Came to check out your blog from Lynda's link. Wonderful posts. I enjoyed reading and looking at the photos. Glad your Desi came to make her home with you. She looks like a sweet dog. I'll be back.

  9. Chris - It's amazing that you should wonder in one of your posts whether you can think of anything interesting to say! You've clearly had a very interesting life, and I hope you'll tell more. That's the wonderful thing about blogging - people from all over the world will read you, and our lives are all so different. I was brought up in Argentina and live in Bristol UK - but I spent several months in South Africa in the eighties, so what you say is familiar. I look forward to learning more about you and your family.

  10. Lovely story about your new dog. I was touched by the tribute to Bella. May she rest in peace.