Saturday, August 21, 2010

Morning walk

Most early mornings and evenings Tam and I go for a walk around our property to look at the scenery, listen to the birds and look for spoor of the game that we have on the property which come out at night .

We normally leave from the back of the house where I have opened paths to make it easier for us to walk.
Here is Moses striding out in front.

We slowly meander along the track.

The dogs leaping and foraging in the bush, with Tam keeping a watchful eye as she is the pack leader.

After a while we take a rest before going down to the stream.

Tam looking down the valley.

Here she is advising Desi on the ways of the bush.

Moses looking for inspiration.

Tam and Desi exploring the stream. Fos must be somewhere searching the undergrowth.

Tam finding a plant with Desi close by.

Tam ascending the bank with some difficulty. Fos waiting for her to fall in.
Along the way we find fig trees and caves.

On the property we have an invasive plant Lantana which we are busy removing. We have discovered a Guava tree grove which had been smothered by it, we hope they will produce some fruit and just hope the monkeys don't get it before us.

Moses in the grove.

The grove, you can see all the cut Lantana branches.

A Guava tree that at last can see the light.
After our walk we meander up to the house completely exhausted? Well the dogs are.
And we have a lovely cup of green tea.


  1. Moses, 'eh ?! Well, Moses or not, I'd still love to join you & Tam on your walk one day ;)

  2. Amazing that in your part of the world lantana should be considered a weed - here in England it's an asset to the flower border, and it was much loved in Spain where my parents used to live. With its red and yellow blooms it was known as "Bandera EspaƱola". I wonder what it looks like when it's swamping everything in the summer...

  3. Very nice photos. Amazing that you are half a world away from me yet most of the scenery could have been taken here. Of course we don't grow Guava or have monkeys, he he.

  4. How funny, I feel the same way as Joyful. I'm in the desert mountains of California at about 4,000 ft and although no guava or monkeys live here, the rest is very similar. Oh, now I'll wonder where Joyful lives!

  5. Canyon Girl's comment made me realize I should have said where I live. I am living north of California in Canada on the beautiful west coast. I travel often though to the interior of the province where my mom lives and it is semi-arid much like California and other places in the world. What a beautiful world we live in :-)

  6. Lynda you know you are always welcome. I am looking forward to that day.

  7. Caroline, I agree it is a pretty plant and the birds love the fruit which help to spread it. But when an invasive plant is introduced with no competition it smothers and kills the indiginous plants . There is another plant the Bramble which is a problem in Natal and not here yet which is vigorous in its growth because of the heat.

  8. Thankyou for visiting my blog and becoming a follower as now I have discovered your blog. What an amazing life both you and Briony live. A lifestyle I envy indeed. I enjoyed reading.
    Take care