Saturday, September 25, 2010

Visitors friend

My visitor ( who is doing an exceptionally good job as the monkeys have steered clear of my veggie garden ) has brought a friend along to guard Brionys' nursery at the back of the house. On the right we have a compost heap and on the left her plants she is propagating. We have some indigenous trees and some Paw-paw trees which have germinated from seeds from the compost. The monkeys had been coming and destroying the trees by stripping the leaves from them, so I decide to put a man on watch.

Here he is patiently guarding. The brush wood behind him is Lantana and a common Acacia tree (it restricts the other indigenous trees) which we have cleared through the winter months.
When Briony was throwing stuff on the compost heap the other day she accidental bumped into our guest and apologised, much to her embarrassment.

Here’s a nice close up. That’s Tam’s room behind him which she still has to paint .The other day she was working in her room when she heard a noise out the back, Going out she saw the monkeys in the bush wondering what this new person was doing, so Tam went up and had a chat with him to give it a bit more authenticity, it worked as they went away.

Here he is from the outside in. I have some fruit trees on the other side of the garden which when in fruit are raided and we are left with the few. There are Litchies, Mangos and Mulberry.
I think I will put another man on guard there.


  1. Brilliant, you had me there for a second:) In the distance photos I couldn't work out why the man was standing so awkwardly. Got wised up with the close-up! These deterrents aren't seen so often in SA anymore. Well done. I hope the monkeys stay away. Greetings from Jo (Lynda's friend) in North Africa

  2. Does he claim overtime & work on public holidays (like National Heritage/Braai day ?) do Briony & Tam take him tea for his tea breaks and a decent lunch at 1 pm ?! Hope so ! It is just so hard to find good staff these days ....

  3. He's very faithful come rain or snow he stands patiently at his post. Although we haven't seen snow yet, if we do then I will know the climate is up to no good.

    Thanks Jo I'll tell him to stand up straight , he most probably thought no one was watching and goofing off.

  4. Another great guard! I'm glad they are working so well for you. I hope they don't start demanding to organize a union ;-)

  5. What a brilliant idea - I've been wondering how I could adapt it for England. A stuffed cat wouldn't do much good in my armchair to stop my cats settling there when I want it, they would just go for it. And the cat from up the road which cheekily suns himself in my front garden wouldn't react if I put one there - just as he's unimpressed when one of my cats crouches nearby watching him, more in timid protest than with the intention of guarding his territory... The intruder only stirs when I come out of the house to shoo him away - and even then all he does is get up lazily, stretch in leisurely manner, and amble off. My threatening shouts have the effect of making him break into a slow trot. Oh well...

  6. I just know I would apologize if I ran into him too, he looks so real! Great that they both work so well for you.