Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Visitor

We have a new visitor to our property.

I have been experimenting with raised vegetable beds as the soil on the property has little nutrition from the top soil being washed off and the ants and the insects play havoc on the seedlings. Having tried a few sites I decided on the raised beds, which we seem to be having some success. But now the monkeys keep raiding the garden and they pull off the unripe fruit have a taste and then throw it on the ground much to my frustration.

I brought Briony and Tam down to look at our new visitor. Can you notice any sinister person standing there looking after the veggies?

Here he is standing or should I say slowly moving around guarding the patch. I have it suspended on a belt hanging on the rafter and the wind gently moves him around. He is a couple of bin bags filled with grass a couple of discarded shoes tied on the bottom a hard hat and a yellow planter tray as the face a old blanket draped over his shoulders and a stick stuck in his belt to look like a gun. Even I feel a little uneasy standing next to him.

Here he is posing for the camera Fos looking on warily he did give him a bark earlier on. I think I might modify his face and make him a little more glamorous.

Here Briony and Tam are looking on bemused by him.

Briony and Tam looking at the veggies, lettuce,spinach,carrots, tomatoes ,beetroot and in the tubs on the side are butter nut and egg-fruit.
Well I hope it works?


  1. Wow, you've been working hard & it all looks wonderful - so many veggies ! I must say I LOVE your scarecrow-come-grim-reaper-come-hangman - does he have a name yet ?!

  2. If that guy doesn't scare them, nothing will! Are you warning your visitors, he could really scare somebody! Nice veggies.--Inger

  3. I should put a beware sign up, for those that want to pinch my veggies. I am a bit wary about giving him a name especially being under the influence of african superstition. He might come alive at night and ride on the back of a Hyena looking for damned spirits.

  4. I thought it was a real person!! I think it will work; it fooled me! :-)